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One might say why to burden the children with English an alien language and that teaching in Mother tongue is the best. Yes, of course, we do agree with that view too. We are also aware that the educationists are of the opinion that the children should be taught in mother tongue, particularly in primary level. But this is not being followed anywhere, except in government schools. We are not deviating from their view. In fact, according to our project we have been helping teachers / children to teach / learn English through the mother tongue Kannada, thus facilitating a smooth teaching / learning.

The project was started after making an elaborate survey in the villages on the outskirts of Bengaluru. We consulted several teachers regarding our proposed project. We distributed resource materials comprising teachers' magazine / acitivity booklets to the teachers and children of these villages, during the period January - March 2012. We conducted drawing /painting activities for children. All these were on an experimental basis. After getting feedback from them, we started the project officially for the academic year 2012-13.

Activities: Keeping the above points in view, Spoorthi has thought of a novel idea of providing the teachers / children with specially designed teaching and learning materials. We would like to stress the point that the material consists of resource material in support of prescribed text books provided by the government. Lower primary children will learn to use the material (activity books) under the guidance of teachers. However, Higher primary children can read / learn on their own, with initial help from teachers / parents.

The project at presently is being run with the help of a few donors. The project initially was run for a few schools around Magadi Taluk. We did not take up any publicity work. But the information about our poject spread by word of mouth and a few schools from North Karnataka have involved themselves in our project. We have been collecting a sum of Rs.300 per year from each member Teacher. In turn, we are providing a copy of Teachers' magazine Sele and Rainbow booklets / story books / story-colouring book etc. to all the children studying under the member teacher, free of cost. We are not charging anything extra towards postage/courier expenditure. Yes, ofcourse, we do feel the financial pinch.

Through this appeal we request philanthropists like you to kindly support this noble cause by your monetary contribution. Please contribute through Cheque/DD favouring

SPOORTHI TRUST (R). Bangalore.

You can avail the benefits of exemption under section 80g of the Income Tax Act No. DIT(E)BLR/80G/325/AALTS2381K/ITO (E)-3/Vol 2012-2012 dt 18-12-2012 as applicable.

Your active support with new ideas and views are welcome

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To empower rural Govt. School Children with Basic Education & Social Values


AIM To strengthen education by making learning joyous through mother tongue “Kannada”, thus helping to bridge the gap between the children of rural and urban.

To develop the ability to think - experience - explore.

To help build a conceptual base among children regarding


To strengthen the teaching resources of Govt. Schools

To mobilize talents of the Govt. School Teachers & Students.


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